culture of sno:la

Treat the earth well.
We do not inherit it from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
Native American proverb

Socially Responsible

With every purchase at sno:la, you're helping others:

  • 1% of our gross proceeds go to Slow Food USA, which supports sustainable farming.
  • 1% of proceeds from our Chocolate Cremita go to the United Nations World Food Program, which helps children worldwide.


Our store is a no-plastic, earth-friendly zone, with:

  • Biodegradable/ compostable containers; yogurt cups made of sugar cane, verrine cups made of corn and spoons made of woods and potatoes.
  • Countertops made from recycled computer chips
  • Tabletops of eucylyptus, a fast-growing sustainable tree
  • Recycled wood wall decorations
  • Soy-painted concrete floors