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Yogurt's Got a Whole New Bag

Highly Addictive
The habit-forming delights are made with organic, non-fat dairy and naturally sweetened with fruit juice and fruit purees, making indulgence entirely guilt-free.

Seasonal Flavors

In summer, the delectable array includes Sour Cherry, Dulce de Leche and Mango. And for winter, there's been whispers of cozy Fig-Date and Pumpkin flavors.

Topping Selection

Choose from 40 toppings, including organic chocolate, organic gummi bears, fresh fruit, aloe, mochi and nata de coco.

Biodegradable Packaging

Sno:la supports sustainability, so the containers are biodegradable and the spoons are made from potatoes and wood.

Green D├ęcor

Countertops are composed of recycled computer chips, wall panels are fashioned from reclaimed wood and the concrete floors are stained with soy.

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