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When you "so:la," you're doing more than treating yourself to five luscious, seasonal flavors of frozen yogurt made from organic dairy, sweetened only by nature, enveloped by an array of 40 toppings. You're joining a far bigger movement beyond frozen yogurt.
Sno:la (pronounced "snow-la") is a new frozen yogurt house located in Beverly Hills that aims to stay away from the frozen yogurt wars and take a different path by offering an all-natural product, biodegradable bowls, wood spoons, yogurt "verrines" and an inviting, cool setting constructed almost solely from recycled materials. Call it the new age of frozen yogurt.
Sno:la uses only organic dairy as well as natural, organic fruit purees to sweeten a seasonally rotating array of up to 10 flavors such as Mango, Wolfberry, Pomegranate, Tart, Sour Cherry, Chocolate and Espresso Chip. An in-house chef will develop tasty new flavors and toppings and a "produce hunter" will get fresh, high quality fruits.
The store's interior is constructed from a variety of recycled materials including a counter made from recycled computer chips; stained recycled decorative wood walls; Eucalyptus tree table, hand-soy painted artwork and soy-stained concrete. A specially designed reusable insulated bag ($8) enables yogurt lovers to get large quantities of frozen yogurt back home without it becoming soup.

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